Listening to Radio Music: The Pros and Cons

With radio stations now migrating to other platforms to broadcast their programs, tuning in to your favourite listening device almost feels like an obsolete activity. However, this doesn’t mean that radios are nothing, they can still be used, and there are still plenty of radio stations worldwide that keep on playing new and fresh music every day. If you’re still interested in radios and want to know more about them, then you came to the right place.

In this article, we will be talking about the pros and cons of radios and if you should still be using them.


Discovering New Music – One of the obvious pros that radios bring is the fact that you can easily discover music every day. Because radios have to achieve a certain air time, they would be playing new or old music. Even old ones are still better because you might not have heard of specific ones that you would like. That said, it is recommended that you use the radio at least once a week to discover some of the newest tunes that are trending over the internet.

Station Skipping

There are plenty of stations that you can tune in to 24/7, and they’re not going anywhere because of their business model. With advertisements, they can keep the service alive and keep playing music for people that still rely on radios. The fact that you can transfer from one station to another with just a single press of a button is really great.

Although this is really far from what we already have with music streaming platforms, it’s still a really good feature considering that listening to a radio station is just free.


Radios are still being used in certain locations right now, for instance, in public buses and malls where there are a lot of people. The reason being is that there’s not that much to do when setting up the device. For bigger locations, you just need several speakers to amplify the whole sound and make it louder.


Limited Listening

Even if you have the choice to join different radio stations on a whim, you’re still pretty limited in a way that you can’t really manipulate what you will be listening to currently and next. While radio stations normally say what they will be playing, this is still not enough for people who like to be in control.

Not Good for Artists

An artist that has already created quite a name would find radio streaming not profitable. Sure, it can still give them a popularity boost, but if you are already known, there’s really not that much you can do, especially when it comes to radio stations.

For local artists, however, radios are a blessing since they can promote their music in a very cheap and effective way. It may not be the norm right now, but because of its approach, a lot of rising artists use radios to maximize their exposure.


And there we go; we hope you learned a lot from this post, especially when it comes to radio stations. Radios are still great listening devices, so make sure that you won’t be that much affected by the cons because they aren’t really that bad.

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