Welcome to Twin Cities FM, and this is our blog site where we will be discussing more music and anything radio-related. We know how much the music industry has been dominated by online streaming platforms. However, it doesn’t mean that radios are obsolete.


Back then, radios were the norm for getting news and listening to new and trendy music. We don’t have that much grasp over the internet, and even if we do, it is very limited. Hence, the radio played a very important role in making the music industry grow and keeping it relevant. Nowadays, we still use radios, and stations are still around to play your favourite music hits.


Any FM or AM radio stations are opportunities for artists, especially those that are just starting. Exposure is something you want to achieve when your name isn’t that much out yet, so radio can be your ticket to local fame.


Even if we now use Spotify, Pandora, or YouTube music to stream our favourite tunes, we still can’t escape the radio, and in fact, you may even spend hours in a week listening to them. Places like subways, cafes, and malls are the places where radios thrive, and unconsciously, you’re listening to new music that you won’t originally intend to listen to.


That said, listening to radio stations is also a perfect way to discover new songs and genres that you might love. To make your experience a lot better, make sure that you have researched these stations first and know what genre they will be playing.


Radio stations have also transcended the regular transmission they do, as now they are also available only. Yes, you’ve read it right; if you haven’t tried before, you should definitely look up a station right now that you have listened to before. With this, they are giving more opportunities for their younger audiences to access their services without putting that much effort.


The music industry is a very confusing place and is one that not anyone should venture alone. If you are an aspiring artist that is looking to gain exposure, getting local radio plays and hits is definitely your first goal. There are several ways to do this, but if you’re not confident with your management skills yet, then there’s no need to worry. In this blog, we will publish some guides and tricks to make sure that everyone is knowledgeable about how radios work and how to become a better artist.

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